Code:CANB01 size:38(w) x 42(h) cm
Code:CANB03 size:40(w) x 30(h) x 12(d) cm
Code:CANB02 size:38(w) x 42(h) cm
Code:CANB06 size:44(w) x 35(h) x 12(d) cm
Code:CANB05 size:40(w) x 48(h) x 15(d) cm
Code:CANB04 size:40(w) x 55(h) x 15(d) cm
Code:OCBBP1010 size:13cm (w) x 33cm (h) x 46cm (L)
Code:OCBAB117 size:38 (w) x 38 (h) cm
Code:OCBAB118 size:41 (w) x 31 (h) with 16 cm gussets
Code:OCBAB119 size:21 (w) x 25 (h) with 11 cm gussets
Code:OCBAB121 size:33 (w) x 33 (h) with 13 cm gussets
Code:OCBSB103 size:43 (w) x 33 x (h) x 13 (d) cm
Code:OCBSB104 size:23(w) x 45 x (h) cm
Code:OCBSB107 size:36 (w) x 31 (h) x 14 (d) cm
Code:OCBMS158 size:16(w) x 33(h) cm
Code:OCBMS169 size:53(w) x 36(h) x 8(d) cm