Light Up

Product Code:NOKR07 Product_Size:2 (w) x 1 (h) cm Product_Colour:Custom
Product Code:LIKR100 Product_Size:6 (w) x 3 (h) x 1 (d) cm Product_Colour:Black, White
Product Code:OH68 Product_Size:7cm W x 3.5cm H x 1cm D Print_Size:Pad-Print: 2cm W x 1cm H ... Optional Back: Pad-Print, Digibrite: 1cm W x 4cm H Product_Colour:Blue, Charcoal, Red, White
Product Code:OH72 Product_Size:6.5cm W x 3cm H Print_Size:4.5cm W x 1cm H Product_Colour:Black, Indigo Blue, Purple, Ruby Red, Sage Green, White
Product Code:OH108 Product_Size:6.5cm W x 2cm H Print_Size:Backside: Pad-Print: 4cm W x 1cm H Digibrite: 5cm W x 1.5cm H Product_Colour:Translucent: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple
Product Code:OH131 Product_Size:3cm W x 5.50cm H Print_Size:Pad-Print: 1cm W x 3cm H ... Digibrite: 1cm W x 4cm H Product_Colour:Blue, Red
Product Code:OH133 Product_Size:3cm W x 6.5cm H Print_Size:Standard (Head of Key): 2cm W x 1cm H Optional (Blade of Key): 1cm W x 4.5cm H Standard Imprint is the Head of Key. Optional Imprint is the Blade of Key. Imprint on Standard Location Unless Otherwise Specified on Order. For Printing on Both Locations, Add Product_Colour:Blue, Red
Product Code:OH139 Product_Size:6cm H Print_Size:2cm W x 1cm H Product_Colour:Blue, Black, Red
Product Code:OH154 Product_Size:4.5cm W x 3cm H Print_Size:Top: 2cm W x 1cm H Product_Colour:Yellow, Blue, Red, White
Product Code:OH157 Product_Size:3cm W x 5cm H Print_Size:1cm W x 2cm H Product_Colour:Blue, Black, Red, Green, Orange
Product Code:OH162 Product_Size:3cm W x 2 2cm H Print_Size:Pad-Print: 1.5cm W x 2.5cm H ... Digibrite: 2cm W x 3cm H Product_Colour:Royal Blue, Black, Red, Lime Green. Matte: Silver
Product Code:OH165 Product_Size:3cm W x 6.5cm H Print_Size:2cm W x 3cm H Product_Colour:Black, Blue, Lime Green, Red, White
Product Code:OH172 Product_Size:7cm W x 3cm H Print_Size:2.5cm W x 1cm H Product_Colour:Black, Blue, Red, White
Product Code:OC32X217 Product_Size:2.37 x 0.87 x 0.87 inch Print_Size:2.37 x 0.87 x 0.87 inch Product_Colour:Red, Blue, Black, Green, White
Product Code:OC32X229 Product_Size:5 x 5 x 1.4 cm Print_Size:5 x 5 x 1.4 cm Product_Colour:Blue, Silver, White
Product Code:OC32X238 Product_Size:5.6 x 2.8 x 1.6 cm Product_Colour:Silver/White
Product Code:OC30X329 Product_Size:6.3 x 2 cm Product_Colour:Black, Silver, Blue, Red
Product Code:OC33X269 Product_Size:9 x 1.7 cm Product_Colour:Red - other colours available on request
Product Code:OC33X326 Product_Size:4 x 4 x 0.8 cm Product_Colour:Green, White, Orange, Violet, Red, Black, Blue
Product Code:OC33X339 Product_Size:13 x 80 x 0 mm Print_Size:13 x 80 x 0 mm Product_Colour:White, Black