Description:30cm recycled plastic ruler Product Code:RUS001 Product_Size:31 (w) x 4 (h)cm Print_Size:print - 20 (w) x 3 (h) cm
Description:30cm plastic ruler. Product Code:RUS004 Print_Size:area 20 (w) x 3 (h) cm Product_Colour:White
Description:budget 15cm ruler with bookmark. Product Code:RUS005 Product_Size:15 (w) x 3 (h) cm Print_Size:14 (w) x 1 (h) cm
Description:Conveience, simple, reflective. Product Code:RUS006 Product_Size:30 (w) cm Print_Size:20 (w) cm
Description:Plastic 15cm Ruler. Product Code:H1636P Product_Size:16 (w) x 4 (h) cm Print_Size:8 (w) x 2 (h) cm
Description:10cm ruler with magnifier. Scale solar poweRed calculator with memory recall. Product Code:RUS010 Product_Size:13 (w) x 3 (h) x 4 (d) cm Print_Size:Front 1 (w) x 9 (h) cm
Description:15cm Magnifier Ruler With Bookmark Product Code:RUS008 Product_Size:16 (w) x 3 (h) cm Print_Size:4 (w) x 2 (h) cm
Description:Plastic 30cm Ruler With Magnifying Glass Product Code:RUS009 Product_Size:30 (w) x 5 (h) cm Print_Size:20 (w) x 2 (h) cm
Description:Plastic 15cm Ruler With Magnifying Glass Product Code:RUS012 Product_Size:16 (w) x 4 (h) cm Print_Size:8 (w) x 1 (h) cm
Description:Sliding Tile Puzzle Ruler. Product Code:LPL001 Product_Size:16 (w) x 6 (h) cm Print_Size:14 (w) x 1 (h) cm
Description:Plastic ruler with magnifying glass. Product Code:OH1639 Product_Size:17 (w) x 4 (h) cm Print_Size:8 (w) x 1 (h) cm
Description: 12-piece ColouRed Pencil Set in a Wooden Ruler Box not only contains 12 pieces of quality coloRed pencils Product Code:OH457 Product_Size:21.6cm W x 4cm H x 3cm D Print_Size:Standard Box: 12.50cm W x 2cm H ... Optional Ruler: 7.5cm W x 1cm H (Silk-Screen Only).Standard print Area is the Box. Optional print Area is the Ruler. print on Standard Location Unless Otherwise Specified on Order.
Description:Circular Magnifying Glass Ruler with built in clip. Available in assroted colours. Product Code:OC35X107 Product_Size:3.75 x 0.5 x 0 inch Print_Size:3.75 x 0.5 x 0 inch
Description:Essentials Clock And Photo Frame Product Code:OC35X108 Product_Colour:White, Gray
Description:15cm Color Center Aluminum Ruler is a quality promotional item includes 15cm ruler, flat, resist bending, Straight edges, strong, smooth, light weight Product Code:OC34X129 Product_Size:0 x 0 x 0 cm Print_Size:0 x 0 x 0 cm
Description:The 30cm Stainless Steel Skidproof Ruler features 30cm ruler, rounded corners, strong, non-skid, hanging hole, cork back Product Code:OC34X160 Product_Size:31 x 3.2 x 0.05 cm Print_Size:31 x 3.2 x 0.05 cm