Description:Letter opening blade concealed safely in sturdy plastic, Retractable brush that keeps bristles clean. Product Code:DESK60 Product_Size:5(w) x 7(h) x 1(d) cm Print_Size:6(w) x 1(h) cm
Description:Letter opener Product Code:H291P Product_Size:7 (w) x 5 (h) cm Print_Size:5 (w) x 1 (h) cm
Description:Plastc letter opener , comes on variety of colours. Product Code:OH91 Product_Size:7cm W x 5cm H Print_Size:5cm W x 1.5cm H
Description:A letter opener , This one also features a magnifying glass and a 7cm ruler that makes it even more useful for any office, just about anywhere. Product Code:OH180 Product_Size:9.5cm W x 7cm H Print_Size:5cm W x 1cm H
Description: The house-shaped letter opener is capable of opening letters and packages in a swift manner. While only available in White, it can be customized to include your business logo, your name. Product Code:OH191 Product_Size:7cm W x 5cm H Print_Size:Silk-Screen: 4cm W x 2cm H Digibrite: 5.50cm W x 2.50cm H