Description:Non-woven document bag comes with zippered closure. Product Code:NWTB3042 Product_Size:34 (w) x 25 (h)cm Print_Size:15 (w) x 10 (h)cm
Description: The high quality smart phone USB adapter is one of the best accessories a busy person should have. Product Code:USBI02 Product_Size:55 (w) x 16 (h) x 9 (d)mm Print_Size:25 (w) x 13 (h)mm
Description:Taurus Charger Cable Set. Product Code:OCLM13 Product_Size:30 (w) x 210 (h) x 6 (d)mm Print_Size:22 (w) x 22 (h)mm
Description:Tech product organiser keeps all your tech products like USB's, Phones, memory cards neatly organised. Product Code:DESK21 Product_Size:21 (w) x 29 (h) cm Print_Size:10 (w) x 10 (h) cm
Description:Works with Most Audio Devices, Small Size Is Great For Pocket, Purse, Travel Bag Ear Buds Match Pouch with Split Ring Attachment. Product Code:H2765P Product_Size:Pouch: 8 (w) x 8 (h) cm Print_Size:5 (w) x 5 (h) cm
Description:Protective Plastic Travel Case Works with Most Audio Devices. Product Code:H2703P Product_Size:6 (w) x 6 (h) cm Print_Size:Silk-Screen: 3 (w) x 2 (h) Digibrite: 4 (w) x 4 (h) cm
Description:Plug-In Attachment Keeps Stylus Conveniently Attached To Device. Use As Stylus Or Stand For Your Smart Phone. Product Code:H230P Product_Size:7 (w) cm Print_Size:4 (w) x .4 (h) cm
Description:Adheres To Back Of Your Phone with Strong Adhesive Perfect For Carrying Identification, Room Keys, Business Cards, Cash, Credit Cards. Product Code:H200P Product_Size:6 (w) x 9 (h) cm Print_Size:4 (w) x 5 (h) cm
Description:Keeps Cords Organized, Neat Wrap Cords, Ear Buds Around To Stay Tangle Free. Product Code:H2067P Product_Size:4 (w) x 9 (h) cm Print_Size:2 (w) x 2 (h) cm
Description:Extra Bright White LED Light ,Bendable Cable ,Connect To PC, Notebook, Any Other USB Devices Product Code:H2806P Product_Size:26 (h) cm Print_Size:3 (w) x 1 (h) cm
Description:This portable desk lamp is made from Arcylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and comes in colours of Silver and White. Product Code:DESK107 Product_Size:190g 11 (w) x 10 (h) x 10 (d) cm Print_Size:5 (w) x 2 (h) cm
Description:Premium Ear Bud Headphones. Premium sound quality enables you to enjoy balanced premium high quality sound. Product Code:IPAC09 Print_Size:3cm (w) x 3cm (h) Product_Colour:White, Black
Description:Cardboard Mini Speakers From Flat to Cubed. Product Code:IPAC12 Product_Size:8cm (w) x 8cm (h) x 8cm (d) Print_Size:On Speakers - 5cm (w) x 5cm (h)
Description:Durable, Stylish Mobile Phone Holder. The holder can be adjusted at any angle to suit your needs. Product Code:IPAC30 Product_Size:5cm (w) x6cm (h) x 5.5cm (d) Print_Size:4cm (w) x 1.3cm (h)
Description:Neoprene armband suits most mobile phones. Product Code:IPHN03 Product_Size:7 5cm (w) x 12cm (h) Print_Size:4 5cm (w) x 4 5cm (h)
Description:Neoprene Mobile phone sleeve keeps your phone safe and clean. Product Code:IPHN04 Product_Size: 7cm (w) x 1 3cm (h) Print_Size: 4cm (w) x 8cm (h)
Description:Desktop digital photo frame. 7inch screen, LCD screen with a high resolution of 800*480. Multifunctional digital photo frame can be used as a MP3/MP4/E-book/Calendar. Product Code:PFIT06 Product_Size: 23 5cm (w) x 17cm (h) Print_Size: 5cm (w) x 2cm (h)
Description:Premium Stylus Pen. Product Code:PSTY01 Product_Size:14cm (w) Print_Size: Print Barrel 2cm (w) x 5cm (h)
Description:Foldable headphone with adjustable straps. Padded earphones comes in a plain white box Inspired by beats with amazing sound quality. Product Code:HP01 Product_Colour:Black, White, Purple, Red
Description:Retractable earphones cord with 3 5mm Jack. light weight Earphones (Earbuds) Compatible with most audio devices. Product Code:IPAC44 Product_Size:11 2cm (w) x 2 5cm (h) x 1 2cm (d) Print_Size:1 8cm (w) x 1 8cm (h)
Description:Earbud Set In Convenient Carry Case Works with phones, laptop ect. Product Code:IPAC45 Product_Size:7cm (w) x 7cm (h) x 2cm (d) Print_Size:4cm (w) x 4cm (h)
Description:This mini MP3 player comes with a 1GB capacity. Features high quality MP3/WMA playback, a USB flash drive, a rechargeable Li-on battery, belt clip, USB 2 0 operating system. Product Code:AUD001 Product_Size:4 5cm (w) x 3cm (h) Print_Size:9 5cm (w) x 2 3cm (h)
Description:Silicone wallet with 3M adhesive sticks to the back of any phone Securely. Holds up to 3 credit cards, a drivers license or business cards. Product Code:IPAC55 Product_Size:8 5cm (w) x 5 5cm (h) Print_Size:3 5cm (w) x 3 5cm (h)
Description:Foldable headphone with adjustable straps. Padded earphones comes in a plain white box Inspired by beats with amazing sound quality. Product Code:HP03 Product_Colour:Purple, Red, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, Orange