Non Woven

Product Code:NWTB3391 Product_Size:28 (w) x 36 (h) cm
Product Code:NWTB3390 Product_Size:45 (w) x 39 (h)cm
Code:NWTB2904 Product Code:NWTB2904 Product_Size:26cm (w) x 34cm (h) x 48cm Handle
Product Code:NWTB01 Product_Size:29(w) x 34(h)cm
Product Code:NWTB02 Product_Size:38(w) x 42(h)cm
Product Code:NWTB03 Product_Size:36 (w)x 41(h) x 11 (d)cm
Product Code:NWTB10 Product_Size:28(w) x 32(h) x 10(d)cm
Product Code:OCBAB101 Product_Size:21 (w) x 25 (h) with 11 cm gussets
Product Code:NWTB12 Product_Size:38(w) x 42(h) x 9(d)cm
Product Code:NWTB11 Product_Size:40(w) x 32(h) x 12(d)cm
Product Code:NWTB04 Product_Size:31 (w) x 34 (h) x 20 (d)cm
Product Code:OCBMS130 Product_Size:33(w) x 38(h) x 25(d) cm
Product Code:OCBAB106 Product_Size:31 (w) x 20 (h) with 21 cm gussets
Product Code:NWTB3320 Product_Size:33 (w) x 27 (h) x 24 (d)cm
Product Code:NWTB29 Product_Size:32 (w) x 32 (h) x 12 (d)cm
Product Code:NWTB3350 Product_Size:36 (w) x 30 (h) x 7 (d)cm
Product Code:OCBMS147 Product_Size:27(w) x 36(h) x 13(d) cm
Product Code:NWTB89 Product_Size:35 (w) x 40 (h) x 10 (d)cm
Product Code:NWTB3325 Product_Size:24 (w) x 30 (h) x 11(d)cm
Product Code:NWTB08 Product_Size:38 (w) x 42 (h)cm
Product Code:OCBMS161 Product_Size:41(w) x 31(h) x 15(d) cm
Product Code:OCBAB103 Product_Size:41 (w) x 31 (h) with 16 cm gussets
Product Code:OCBMS129 Product_Size:33(w) x 33(h) x 13(d) cm